Saturday, August 04, 2012

Back to School!

In the spring, I had grand aspirations of posting weekly video posts to inspire students throughout the summer with some of my most basic teaching tips.  Unfortunately, I realized on the first try that my amateur videos both looked and sounded ridiculous.  So, I postponed until now and shall offer a few written tips to get some creativity and motivation flowing before school starts!

Order plenty of reeds NOW for the fall; most decent brands have long wait lists by the time Labor Day rolls around.
Practice ALL of your scales: Major, Minor (Natural, Harmonic, and Melodic), and Chromatic!
Review what you were working on at your last lesson, and check your notebook to see what was assigned for the summer.
Review any new fingerings you learned, especially for extended range/high register notes, and bring any questions to your first lesson.
Long tones and scales are the best way to get back in shape, improve, AND maintain the hard work you've done!
Check the balance between embouchure and air for anything that isn't working.
If it still isn't working, try playing it in a different octave and then in the intended octave.

I look forward to seeing everyone soon!

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